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I'm just going to update again for the hell of it   
06:34pm 16/01/2005
mood: silly
:'( no posts in forevarrr so I'm now just out to clog your friends pages!!!!!.

Went to Bealls to buy shoes. I am not a clothing nor shoe person because it depresses me how short I am and how clothes just never fit right.

Well, I desperately needed a new pair of shoes (the ones I have suck/are on their last leg. Hahaha, get it, its a pun. My shoes are on their last leg. HAHAHAHAHA!*cough*). So, I find a pair of shoes, size 6, that kinda-sorta have the height of my last pair (the heel is still half an inch shorter than my old pair, so I'm JUST under 5' 1'' when I wear them) aaand...

they don't fit. They're too big. Size 6!! My feet are shrinking! I was wondering why at the skating rink I had to get a size 5 for myself XD.

Well, the store obviously doesn't think that many MIDGETS are going to shop there. So they don't carry anything less than a 6 in that shoe. And I was NOT about to go "hey, I'm the 16 year old girl who needs to wear shoes in kid's sizes", so I just bought the size 6's and decided to stuff them with something so they'll fit right.

For boy comparison, I wear a size 4 in Mens shoes (don't ask how i know this ^_~), but that's just plain pathetic.

Most of my friends are like "oh yeah, I wear a size 9 in women's" and I just wonder if I'm hanging out with people with big feet, or its just that I'm a borderline midget...

Why am I shrinking XD?????

...Off to watch a Michael Moore movie.
The French: Enjoy Choking hazards?   
10:02pm 06/01/2005
mood: crazy
I forgot to mention this and I figured that if I edited the last one no one would read it. I dunno, maybe its because I'm lazy as hell because my internet is slow for some reason. Its not that important anyway or anything.

Okay, I had a french club meeting (I actually showed up!!) today. The two french teachers went to Paris during break for two weeks (lucky :'( ), and they brought a bunch of stuff back for our French classes. Well, the teacher brought the French club this cake from France. I dunno if I'm right, but it sounded like they called it a "King Cake" or something.

Basically its like a pancake, but layered (maybe more like those biscuts u can buy at the supermarket that pull apart when you bake them), and on top was this dried carmel-y stuff on it. It was kinda like a Baklava, just...better :). I was suprised I liked it. Okay, anyway, one of the girls was handing it out to the 10 ppl that actually showed up for the meeting. The thing in french about these cakes is that they put something inside them (my teacher told us it was a bean), and whoever found the bean in their peice of cake was the "Rien/Roi du jour" (queen/king of the day). I don't understand it, its just a French thing.

So, I notice as the cake is being passed out that the girl next to me had this big chunk of ciramic in her cake o_o. Now, I may be paranoid, but isn't that just a tad dangerous? It was about and inch tall and a half-inch wide. And it was a little figure of a duck that said "the sons" on it o_o. Random in itself. But imagine not noticing that/being American in France and not KNOWING and choking to death o_O. Wouldn't that be a terribly sucky way to die??

I dunno, I felt like I needed to share that with people for some reason ^_^.
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Just to clog your friends page!! (now updated 3 times!)   
05:32pm 02/01/2005
mood: content
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I'm watching Spongebob squarepants...Patrick is my new lovr ^_~.

So went and saw Phantom of the Opera. Good movie if u like musicals. Lots and LOTS of singing...like 75% of the movie :). The ending was so sad :'( hehe, I was about to cry :).

So after that we walked around. I went to go get a bunch of stuff for ashy. So. I got two keychains "A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand!" and "Everyone has the right to be stupid, but you're abusing the privilage". I dunno if she already has them, but oh well. Then I got her a 365 day calendar of "Bushisms" for fun. It was like...50% off.

Hehe, but I have no money left for next weekend XD. Now I have to mooch off my parents.

So...yeah...I totaly forgot what I was going to say that might or might not have been very interesting because IM convos took over. So...bye :)
Wait! I wanna say more :).

Random Observation: WTF is w/ the Puffy Ami Yumi's show on CN? They're like...Japanese...I think CN has lost its grip on quality shows...I saw them advert-ing P.A.Y. @ the Regal Cinema O_O they have these things called 'the twenty' where they show boring stuff.

I'm really wondering what american child even KNOWS who Puffy Ami Yumi is...and they keep having characters going "You're my favorite band!!"

...wow...now the ppl are being attacked by Taffy...

"the evil taffy ball has been deliciously defeated!"

Look, alliteration!

...u know...I wonder why I keep watching CN and Nick...
10:01am 02/01/2005
mood: crazy
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Yeah, some of those were VERY very naughty o_O doesn't help that the same one (or at least the...um....same act involving certain body parts...) kept popping up...like 10 times o_O


In the year 2005 I resolve to:

Jump out of a plane without a parachute.

Get your resolution here

So, yeah, last night I talked to Scott for like 2 hours online ^_^ then I talked to a bunch of other people. Story of my life :). Listened to a band in which every song sounds exactly the same, and has the same beat . The songs are goody,tho. BTW, Cory, I figured out who they kinda sound like: The ppl who sing "My Heartstrings Come Undone". Its on the RE soundtrack To Peace is a good song.

Today I'm going to Tampa to hang out w/ my Tampa peeps! We're going to see Phantom of the Opera. So yea, I gotta get ready for that. Ja.
I listen to some weird ass music...   
02:18pm 29/12/2004
I went though our CD collection--we've got about a million CDs, all of which I organzided alphabetically. (I'm OCD like that, all of my CDs have to be in alphabetical order.) Actualy, I did that with my own CDs yesterday...

anyway, I found the "B's and I found this CD I used to really like when we lived in Indy. The band is called "The Butthole Surfers". I don't know why I like these ppl, they're lyrics make NO sense and they sound like a mix between "They Might Be Giants' and "Weird Al" (but they're not comdey songs or anything). Anyway, I'm listening to them right now and their music is some weird shit. I'm just gonna post some lyrics for you all to witness the weirdness:

Dracula from Houston:Read more...Collapse )

Just a little odd ^_^

and I'm also listening to "Pet" my A Perfect Circle, which is just a tad creepy:

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Sounds weirder when he sings it. But I love the song.

So yeah, this is just a post to clog your friends pages ^_^
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11:28am 29/12/2004
mood: awake
Our TiVo is seriously posessed. It keeps recording things we don't tell it to record. It's weird...here's the list of stuff that its recorded lately:

*My Baby's Daddy--some weird Movie
*Two eps of "Cops"
*The Amazing Race 6
*The Rock (dunno what that is)
*L.A.P.D: "To protect and serve" (guess that's a movie)
*BAT 21 (No idea, but it was recorded from B.E.T. O_o)
*Shanghai Knights
*Old School
*"Under Seige"

We never told it to record any of that. It's a little scary. I swear, the thing is posessed. Last night I got mom to record "100% Green Day" from Fuse. The rating SAID PG, but....they were talking about act with certain body parts...and other such stuff. Doesn't help that mom was sitting RIGHT NEXT to me. So she got mad and turned it off and deleted it.

I just woke up and its 11:30 o_O I have no idea why I've been sleeping so much...besides the fact that I'm just so incredibly bored...

But mom took the day off tomorrow (again), so we're going to go see Meet the Fockers and so some other stuff. Happy ^_^

BTW, is anyone doing anything interesting for New Years? I don't even know what day new years is falling on :-D.
Random stuff:   
05:18pm 27/12/2004
mood: bored
Something I stole from Margie (who stole it from some other person):

We all think we are so close, and we know nothing about each other. I'm going to rectify it. I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you.

So. I'm still bored ^_~. I made it to level 8 in Tetris (w00t). I think there's only 10 levels. So hopefully I'll beat the game one of these days. Hehehehe, that's how bored I've been.

I called ashley and we talked for about two hours. We kinda-sorta figured out what we're going to do in G'ville (still open for ideas, tho). Looks like I'm going to be there on the 9th, then we're going to go downtown to ice skate or summin, then go and hang around downtown. Then on sunday we're thinking about seeing Meet the Fockers or something.

actualy, we made a list..which includes theft, kidnapping, gerbils, elorks, and The Rockey Horror Picture Show o_O. Gonna be fun.

I've been listening to Brand New...LOTS of brand new. I have funny/sadistic lyrics:

Brand New:
Jude Law And A Semester Abroad

Whatever poisons in this bottle
will leave me broken, sore and stiff
But it's the genie at the bottom who I'm sucking at,
he owes me one last wish
So here's a present to let you know I still exist
I hope the next boy that you kiss has something terribly contagious on his lips

But I got a plan (I got a plan)
To drink for forty days and forty nights
A sip for every second-hand tick
And every time you fed the line,
“you mean so much to me”
I'm without you

Tell all the English boys you meet
about the American boy back in the states
The American boy you used to date
who would do anything you say
Tell all the English boys you meet
about the American boy back in the states
The American boy you used to date
who would do anything you say

And even if her plane crashes tonight
she'll find some way to disappoint me,
by not burning in the wreckage,
or drowning at the bottom of the sea
Jess, I still taste you, and thus reserve my right to hate you
And all this empty space that you create
does nothing for my flawless sense of style
It's 8:45 (it's 8:45), the weather is getting better by the hour (rains all the time)
I hope it rains there all the time
And if you ever said you miss me then don't say you never lied
I'm without you

Tell all the English boys you meet
about the American boy back in the states
The American boy you used to date
who would do anything you say
Tell all the English boys you meet
about the American boy back in the states
The American boy you used to date
who would do anything you say,
who would do anything you say

Never gonna get it right, you're never gonna get it [15x]

Okay no more songs about you. After this one I am done.
You're gone.[repeat untill end]

Tell all the English boys you meet
about the American boy back in the states
The American boy you used to date
who would do anything you say
Tell all the English boys you meet
about the American boy back in the states
The American boy you used to date
who would do anything you say

Hehehe, funny and sadistic.

I <3 Brand new.

Quote of the Day from MadTV: "Don't you hate it when your lungs collapse? I hate that!"

...I HATE jamsters now!! THEY NEED TO DIE!
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;_; get me outta this houseeee   
06:30pm 26/12/2004
mood: pissed off
O_O' I'm honestly going to lose my mind. I'm THAT bored...I've watched..5 movies in 2 days...played an assload of Tetris (I made it to lev 6 before tying a tragic, horrible death--Tetris-style). Then...I've listened to the "American Idiot" CD a bunch of times today, trying to figure out what song is my favorite.

I need something to keep me occupied for a while...

So. Today..."went out' with my family. I'm starting to question their idea of a good time. First we went to eat at this Tex-Mex place we like. Not bad, normally pretty fun. Problem is, they just wouldn't stop complaining how cold it was in there. It wasn't that bad in there. Anyway, dad and I were play-arguing...and I thought it would be funny to throw a tortilla chip covered in cheese at him ^_~. It was all in good-natured fun, honest! Biiiiig mistake. He was all pissed off. So I've made a mental note that cheese should not be thrown at my father.

Anyway, our waiter told us that the tortillas were 'by request' only now because they were running out or something...which was alright. But my parents started making fun of her and the "tortilla ration" in the resturant--and she was right by us so she could hear what they were saying. I was pissed that they were being mean like that. So I kept telling them to shut up. Which...didn't work.

To change the convo I brought up the G'ville trip. Yeah. Well, dad didn't remember that we were going there...but we discussed this and decided that we were going on Jan. 8th in November. I told him this, and he was asking my mom, and when she said yeah he did say we were going, he's like "thanks for helping, Denise" like I was wrong or something. Then he starts bitching to me that we've spent all of this money this holiday and that I need to give him a break...BTW, this trip to G'ville is instead of having a birthday party, so in theory I'm saving them money. But he kept bitching me out, and I was all pissed because we DISCUSSED this already, and he said it was fine! EVERY time I mention I want to visit friends in G'ville, which I couldn't see for two years because he wanted to move to freeze-your-ass-off-land (aka indy ^_~) he goes off about the money it costs to drive there. It's not my fault that he spent $1000 on a steam generator that we can't even use, so we're stuck paying that off! But sure, he can spend money like that, but if I want anything all he does is bitch. He's still complaining on how much my permit cost him, then how much their insurance is going to go up when I get my liscence. I never really ask them for a whole lot. If there's a CD or something I want, I buy it with my own money, not theirs. So when he complains whenever I ask for something is...plain irriatating.


Then after that we spent an hour at "Home Depot" while my dad kept ditching us to go look at stuff on his own. So mom and I just kinda screwed around with the paint-preview things in the paint department. Apparently that was supposed to be a "fun trip" to the store...

Sorry for the rant, but if I didn't vent somewhere I was going to go insane.

This is why Nicole should not be left with her parents for two weeks straight...

doesn't help that dad's off until I go back to school...and that we're going to start painting the livingroom a different color. This=major pain in the ass 'cause my dad's borderline OCD and will insist on putting 5 layers of primer on before we start painting...even though the walls are already white. Let's not mention the 6 layers of Hunter Green paint we're going to apply over the primer.

so right now=life is not all that fun.

My tampa girls: Save me from the possible implosion of the mind/sanity.

....and our TiVo went insane last night and recorded "My Baby's Daddy" on its own...and it keeps randomly recording movies we never told it to record o_O'.
Memes to annoy you all with   
01:34pm 26/12/2004
mood: blah
Since no one has been online...like...at all...

What kind of Battle Royale Character are you? by ultraviolet28
Your name:
what kind of person am I:weirdo
percentage of damage before I die:: 74%
how long do I last before I die:May 24, 2006
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Whats does your personality rate from 1-10? by morning_prayer
Your first full name
Your personality rates anine
your best quality isyou give friends great advice
your worst quality isyou think life sucks
this is becauseOf the people you hang around
Quiz created with MemeGen!

o_O that's scary....

Who will you be stuck with at end of time? by chi_a_baidh
Your name is
Your sex is
Your favorite color is
You are stuck there becauseyou murdered everyone else
For _____ years7
With Johnny Depp. Click for pic.
He/She will think you aresexy
You willmake a coconut radio
Quiz created with MemeGen!

^_^ wheee

Your True Nature by llScorpiusll
The quality that most appeals to you:Loyalty
In a survival situation, you:Act crazy as a diversion
Your hidden talent is:Adaptability
Your gift is:Vast knowledge
In groups, you:Observe others' behaviour
Your best quality is:Your generosity
Your weakness is:Your coldness
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Theme songs of your life
by eponine
your name?
love song:fallin - alicia keys
depressing song:on my own - les miserables
party song:bootylicious - destinys child
what-the-hell-ever song:stacy's mom - fountains of wayne
your lifein too deep - sum 41
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Which Johnny Depp character do you belong with? by cerulean_dreams
You fall in love with
You meeton waikiki beach in Hawaii
His friends thinkYou could do better
Your friends thinkYou guys are perfect together
You willbe together always
Quiz created with MemeGen!

...oh yeah, gimme the BLIND character...

Yeah. So. I'm really bored. I manipulated my Tetris game to play Green Day songs, but the problem is that it can only play one song on constant loop. It gets a little irritating sometimes. I watched 'Dodgeball' last night and that's about it. Talked to Allison. Lots of stuff going on with that but that's my business and it wouldn't be right to put it out on the web. So yeah...I'm bored as hell ^_^. I need entertainment.
Wheee ^_^   
09:22am 25/12/2004
mood: ecstatic
Merry christmas! I'm trying to make mulling spices and I'm about to set the kitchen on fire!!!

hehehe, oh shit, my laptop battery is dying. I'll like...edit this l8r.


**Edit** K, battery is-a-charging. I have "Gotta Get Away" by the offspring blasting in my headphones, so if I lose my train of thought, that's probably the reason.

So...I guess I'll do what we did last year and tell everybody what we got, eh? Don't wanna sound like a brat, but that's what most of us did last year, so I guess I'll just do it ^_^.

So. I woke up at about 8 and we started opening presents right then (I woke mom up with the song from the new 'willy wonka' movie.).

So. Stuff I got:

*Tetris game for my laptop (leik OMG, I <3 Tetris!! I love it.)
*The Resident Evil DVD (first one with this special feature stuff on it)
*Offspring's "Smash" CD (I <3 "self esteem"!!)
*Brand New's "your favorite weapon" (I <3 "Brand New" in General)
*A Perfect Circle's "Thirteenth step"
*The first season of '21 Jump street' (I've never seen it, but, u know, Johnny Depp's face is on the cover)
*Ralph Ralph Lauren's perfume...I dunno what its called, but I got it for christmas two years ago and I loved it, then I ran out and I was sad. Really really nice.
*aaaand a Laptop Bag for my laptop.

^_~. I gave mom this tea stuff called mulling Spices (well, u boil the stuff with Apple cider and it makes this really good tea) and I nearly set the kitchen on fire (thus what I said up there), but it came out so good. Mom loves it. And I got Dad this expresso stuff. They both looked like they really liked it, so I'm happy ^_^. Spent most of the money I got for my birthday on their presents.

I feel like dancing around :-D. "Come out and Play" is on this CD ^_^

*sings* Hey man you disrespecting me?
Take him out
You gotta keep 'em separated
Hey man you talkin' back to me?
Take him out
You gotta keep 'em separated
Hey they don't pay no mind
If you're under 18 you won't be doing any time
Hey come out and play

and random lyrics from....

Self Esteem:

When she's saying that she wants only me
Then I wonder why she sleeps with my friends
When she's saying that I'm like a disease
Then I wonder how much more I can spend
Well I guess I should stick up for myself
But I really think it's better this way
The more you suffer
The more it shows you really care
Right? Yeah yeah yeah

:-D I loooooooove Christmas.

All of you expect to be harassed by MP3's. If u have any requests, just post ^+^

...I really need to stop using smiley faces so much o_O.


Wow, I had to check the net when I put in the Brand New CD. The songs were much more punk-rock, and it wasn't the stuff that made you want to slit your wrist...and they're not all about sex (unlike the CD I have by them now). Good CD, just not something I'd expect from them. There's a bunch of punctuation problems in the lyric book o_O it's driving me crazy.

(Lyrics from "Seventy times 7)

So, is that what you call a getaway?
Tell me what you got away with.
Cause I've seen more spine on jellyfish.
I've seen more guts in eleven-year-old kids.
Have another drink and drive yourself home.
I hope there's ice on all the roads.
And you can think of me when you forget your seatbelt,
and again when your head goes through the windshield.

And is that what you call tact?
You're as subtle as a brick in the small of my back.
So let's end this call, and end this conversation.
and is that what you call a getaway?
well tell me what you got away with.
cause you left the frays from the ties you severed
when you say best friends means friends forever

okay, MAYBE its still the kind of music that might make u want to slit your wrists, but the songs are more...sadistic and funny.

soo...quote of the day from that very song: "They say you need to pray if you want to go to heaven
but they don't tell you what to say when your whole life has gone to hell."


Lastly, I swear, last night I made a cool background dedicated to Billy Joe (and no, not Ballerina Joe or Christmas Joe. It's actuallly a non-paint program one). I need to torture you all with that, too.
04:39pm 24/12/2004
mood: amused
I was a little hyped up on our good friends Skittles and Starburst last night, so thus the really weird entries with all of the quizzes ^_^. Now I'm just hyped up on the..3 cookies I ate and some of the stuff from the pie I made this morning.

U know, I think it's been a few days since I've eaten anything with any sort of nutritinal value o_O.

Anyway, I was a little depressed this morning because I thought that no one in the family sent any packages (which...they have a tendancy to do. We're the forgotten members of the family since we're down here), and a little depressed that I won't be seeing the family for christmas like we used to do. We normally all get together on christmas eve and give the presents out to all the little kids. It's really fun. Well, this morning a package came from my aunt and grandma (mom's side) and my aunt who lives with her (she's 24). My aunt is really cool and she's all into AFI and Green Day (in fact, she's the one who got me into Green Day when I was...3...). So we have a lot in common.

We decided to open the family presents early. OMEffingG, they spent a lot on me! My aunt bought me "Pretty In Pink" and "The Breakfast club" (I've been begging for it for nearly 3 years, my parents wouldn't buy it for me because its rated "R"), AND, she bought me "American Idiot" *does a dance*. I'm still not sure that my mom realizes it's a PA...but I'm not about to catch her on that ^_^. Then they bought me like...4 T-shirts from Hot Topic and a cute jean purse from American Eagle.

I always feel kinda bad when ppl that aren't my parents spend money on me. I just realllllly don't like it. I'm suprised they spent so much on me...but I'm all giddy ^_^.

In other news, I made a pie today! Weebl and Bob would be proud, it came out really good. I made it all from scratch (took me 2 hours!), but I think it's going to be awesome. Hopefully it doesn't poison the family.

Aand...in other news, we're starting to think that Max is diabetic. Greeeeaaaat....

anyway, ciao ^_^.

Quote of the Day from "Trains Planes an Automobiles" (which is on right now so I'm randomly quoting it):

Steve Martin to Rental Lady: You gave me f****' keys to a f**** car in the middle of f**** nowhere that isn't f***' there...I want a f**** car, right f**** now.
Rental Lady: Do you have a recipt?
Steve Martin: ...I threw it away.
Rental Lady: ...Oh boy...
Steve Martin: What?
Rental Lady: You're f****ed.

Thus proving my love of the F word and 80's movies :).
Fun with Harry Potter Quizzes!!   
10:33pm 23/12/2004
mood: hyper

Your First Date in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry
You go on a date with... Weasley Twins(*Boom* *Splash* GOTCHA!!)
He/She takes you to... A pub outside of Hogwarts(Party!! Wo0t!!)
And you spend the whole time... Trying to find space to shag
And finally.... You fall asleep in each others arms(Aww....)
Overall the date was... *blush*
This QuickKwiz by lady_ameily - Taken 22964 Times.
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Your Years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Family Line
Dated Harry Potter
You are well known for Excelling in Quidditch
Percentage of student body you shagged - 97%
How do the staff and students feel about you Can i have you autograph?
This quiz by lady_ameily - Taken 264817 Times.
New - Dating Advice written by YOU!

...Why do these things always make me out to be a whore????

Your Harry Potter Wedding(by Kay and Amy)
Family Line
Bride/Groom... Cedric Diggory
Place... Castle near a river
Percentage Of Attendees... - 57%
Memorable Event at the Wedding... You got drunk and shagged a monkey
Overall, the Wedding was... The most wonderful time you had
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...oh yeah...monkey shagging o_o and I'm married to a dead guy...

Your First Date in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry
You go on a date with... Ginny Weasley(You should see her when she starts doing that thing with her hands,O_O)
He/She takes you to... the Dungeons(*whip crack*)
And you spend the whole time... Talking
And finally.... You get caught by Mcgonagall for being out after hours*ten points!! Back to your dorms!*
Overall the date was... Okay
This Quiz by lady_ameily - Taken 22965 Times.
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...and that's just wrong...

ooo, and you can manipulate them!! *devilish smile*

Your First Date in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry
You go on a date with... Johnny Depp
He takes you to... France
And you spend the whole time... Trying to stuff him in your kitchen cabinet
And finally.... He's living off of croutons in your kitchen cabinet
Overall the date was... Nifty
...two day's till christmas ^_~   
12:52pm 23/12/2004
mood: content

The real santa claus: My dad.

For the last 2 weeks he's been going into Fed-Ex at 2am to help with the "sort" (sorting packages to be delivered) because it's "peak" (busiest time of season). Yeah, u think the post office is bad? Fed-Ex has one day delivery. And a billion of packages.

Well, since it's all screwed up with this BITCH of a SNOWSTORM in the north (16 inches of snow in ohio!?), planes are being delayed and all of that other fun stuff. The day before christmas eve. So they're already slammed with these packages, they're running out of time, and its only one of the busiest days of the season. So dad's been at work since 2am, and he's probably not going to be back until about 3pm. Plus an hour drive from Tampa. Poor daddy, bringing christmas to everyone ^_^.

We think one of our christmas boxes got lost too. Damn. We lost the tracking on it or something. Anyway, I just hope it actually get to chicago on time...like...tomorrow...

BTW girls: any of u get my cards? I wonder if they got eaten at the post office...since we live in the boonies it might take a little while for them to make it to Indy and wherever else I sent them. Our mailman isn't very diligent at delivering or sending things. In fact, he kinda sucks. Amazon.com/Fed-EX/UPS doesn't even really deliver out here. They had to send the 5th harry potter book through normal mail, and I still didn't get it until 5pm the day it came out ^_^. I nearly killed our mailman when I saw him that day ^_^.

I'm all in that holiday spirit now ^_^. I'm gonna make a pie for christmas morning...hopefully I won't screw it up too bad. I've been successful once, then I made one that tasted like metal...so it's a toss up. I'm not known as being a good cook. At all. I once gave myself food poisioning when I made pudding...and then when I tried to make it again, a bunch of rust-looking stuff formed on the top of it...it worried me a little. o_O

So. Today mommy is off from work. So I got my happy allergy shot (they hurt worse and worse every time I go :'( ) and we're going to see Lemony Snicketts later today. I still never saw Finding Neverland XD. Too many movies.

I heard that Meet the Fockers is funnier than Meet the Parents. I want to see that, too...ashy and I were thinking about maybe doing that in G'ville. We're not all that sure, we don't have any definite plans going on right now...

only like...15 days until I go to G'ville ^_^.

...anyone know when the hell I start school? I know they changed it because of the hurricanes...
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*does a dance*   
02:37pm 21/12/2004
mood: creative
Before I start: Happy b-day Margie! I think today is your b-day...pretty sure...u did say 21st, right?? :-D. If I'm right, happy 16th. *gives hug*


Okay...so I'm not so bored as I was yesterday (then again, it's only 2:30 in the afternoon).

I was watching the Finale of "the Swan" last night because i was really really bored. How...hypocritcal. They kept talking about how these people's "lives" changed because they had all of this surgery done. Then they kept making it sound like these people couldn't be happy the way they were. For one, all of these ladies all looked the same. Then they continuted to judge these people with this fashion show...it was just wrong. Funny thing is, there was a commercial during a commercial break with J-Lo narriating going "Be content with yourself. There will always be someone taller, funnier, skinnier, and diffrent than you. Just be happy with who you are." I was waiting for a little message to come up on the screen to say "(unless you get plastic surgery, then all of your problems will go away!)". If u can't tell, I hate the Swan.

So for the majority of last night, mom and I watched 'From Dusk 'Till Dawn' which is a Quentin Terintino movie. It was realllllly cussing-ful. Lots and lots of cussing...not as bad as 'Pulp Fiction' or 'Kill Bill', but the cussing was typical to Quentin. He actually played in the movie, too. They kept saying...well...naughty words that begin with the letter p...which I hate. There's only two cuss words that I can't tolerate and that's one of them. Doesn't help that they kept saying it over and over again. The other cuss word I can't tolerate...most of you probably have never heard it anyway ^_^. I learned that one from Stephen King books. Its not a really common one.

Anyway, I wasn't crazy about the movie. Reallreally slow and curseful. So I just ended up going to bed at 10 am and slept until 11am :-D. Mom decided that I should wrap all of my dad's presents (and due to the link on my last entry, you can tell how terrible I am at wrapping). So...hehe...I played a joke. I wrapped all of dad's presents in 'Hello Kitty' wrapping paper :-D. He came home and just looked at me funny. But yeah, he got Hello Kitty wrapping paper :-D, and the present I got him was wrapped in Care Bear wrapping paper. He must feel sooo spiffy.

While I was wrapping, Judge Joe Brown was on...and...hahahaha...there was this lady on there, and her name...I kidd you not...was "Levitra". For those who don't know what the medication "Levitra" is...think of *cough*Viagra*cough*. I would be so upset if my name was after that ^_^. I'd be legally changing it. I'm pretty sure that was her name, too, unless I heard wrong. I don't think I did, though :-D. I just found that hilarious.

So I'm bored again ^_^. I should watch those "Scream" movies Beth lent me on Halloween (I still haven't given them back :) ) but our TV DIED so now we only have this little 20 inch TV in our entertainment system. And since I don't wear my contacts at home and my glasses aren't the right strength, I can't really see anything anyway. So yeah...I don't want to watch them.

And I bet ya'll $100,000 that I'm getting sick. I woke up an my asthma was being more of a bitch than usual. *cries* I don't want to be sick on my days off from school...

...off to watch green day!
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...completely random update (and updated twice more!)   
01:07pm 20/12/2004
mood: bored
U know...what's up with these men's razors commercials? Hehe, I was watching "Comic Remix" and they're introducing this...I forget what the hell it was called, but it was an electrical razor...and they're all like, in the whispery british voice 'This is ______. It has the power to contour to any angle to give you the cloest shave EVAR!!! It's high-tech razors will cut hair growing at ANY angle!". But they make it out like it's some kind of powerful high-tech weapon ^_^. U don't see girly razors doing that. All that they do is show some scantily clad, 110 lb girls sitting at a beach jumping around shouting 'my legs aren't hairy! buy the Venus razor!". Yes, totally random. I'm not quite sure myself why I wrote that.

Yes, completely random.

So. Today...has pretty much consisted of playing 3 rounds of "You Don't Know Jack" (failing misreably!), watching an unhealthy amount of Comic Remix, and learning how to paint my nails with my left hand (I'm pretty good at it, too) XD. I'm realllyreallly bored and I'm trying to get out of cleaning up the house. Which seems to be working pretty well since I'm about to go and wrap dad's chrismas gifts...which isn't cleaning. Too bad that I suck at wrapping...like, OMG...he'll know who wrapped them.

....and for some odd reason, I REALLY want to play Tetris right about now...but I don't have the game :(.

Ooo, last night mom and I were wrapping gifts, and my (dumbass) father forgot to take the recepit for her gift out of the Best Buy bag. So now she knows that we bought her the first season of Joe Schmo, and she MIGHT know that we bought her a TiVo...which is NOT good since they are the 2 best gifts we got her. So Damndamn. It's all his fault.

*watches MadTv* Hehehe, The Flintstones birth control pills...

Can anyone see how desperately I need like...a car? or a life?


I watched trailers. Now I reallyreallyreally want to see "Meet the Fockers" :-D.

*********Edit #2********

I was bored so I posted pictures online. Enjoy.

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03:31pm 17/12/2004
mood: Festive
Hehehe ^_^ I'm in such a good mood today. I'm all in the holiday spirit now. I was all like "I'm going to give candy canes to my friends" when I was at Publix yesterday :-D. So I tied a little candy cane to a little letter that said "Happy Holidays! Um...you get a candy cane!!" Yeah, I'm not all that sentimental...or good at being like...sappy...but my friends seemed to think that they were hilarious.

anyway, Mr. Gamel got his Pencil Sharpener...and the funny thing is: the damn thing squeaks too!! Peice of shizit. Better than the last one, tho...still not worth the $10, tho.

Okay. The Algebra exam was hard as HELL, but for some reason I got an 82% on it!! *does a dance* thank GOD!! So my semester averages is all a's and two b's.

Now I'm ready to go and take a looooong nap to get rid of all the stress that's been on me for the last 2 weeks.

So now I have 2 weeks of stress-free stuff going on. Lovelyyyyy.

Got myself doing work tomorrow though...I was late to my Key Club meeting, but apparently hardly anyone signed up for the Salvation Army bell-ringing for tomorrow, so Beth said she can stay all day (4 hours). I figured that I don't have a whole lot to do until about noon, so I said I can stay for about two hours. I need to call peeps in tampa to still see if the movies are on...and if they aren't I'll probably keep beth company and get 4 hours of community service added on. We're going out to lunch at this cool pizza place nearby, too.

I think we should have a nickname. Like..."The Girls that saved Key Club and Christmas". That would work out very well :-D. Now watch it be freezing outside and us freeze our asses off. That would suck major ass.

anyway, off to nap!!


Didn't sleep! Instead I watched Don Juan De Marco. Yes, I'm ObSeSsED WiTh JoHnNy DePp. Get used to it.

Going to work outside Publix for 4 hours tomorrow. I'm nifty. w00t. Then I'm going to Tampa at 4 to see friendddssssss

Yeah...So....I took a quiz...check it out!

Your Dominant Intelligence is Linguistic Intelligence

You are excellent with words and language. You explain yourself well.
An elegant speaker, you can converse well with anyone on the fly.
You are also good at remembering information and convicing someone of your point of view.
A master of creative phrasing and unique words, you enjoy expanding your vocabulary.

You would make a fantastic poet, journalist, writer, teacher, lawyer, politician, or translator.

07:37pm 16/12/2004
mood: crazy
I was slightly cracked while writing the last entry, so I just deleted it. 'Cause...I dunno ^_^.

I still haven't started to study for algebra. Not really going to go crazy with the studying...it's too stressful ^_^. I've been soo stressed out lately, I'll just be pretty damn happy when I don't have to deal with this anymore. It's all just a big pain in the ass...who cares if I know how to graph an absolute value?? Honestly...

In (not) interesting news, I think I'm allergic to fried chicken o_O. It's not fun. I had some from dinner last night, then I had a dream that I was spinning around in circles with Fried Chicken...and now I'm all sick-like o_O. I think I'm getting a bad cold...which is better than normal since my asthma has been very toned down lately...it's actually been a few months since my last attack, so that's a plus. I think it's all the allergy shots (got one today, too :-( ). Stil not feeling all that great, but I remember years where I'd miss 10 days of school 'cause of my asthma and end going to the ER, so I'm happy :-D. I remember especialy happy evenings at Shands Hospital where they made me wait 2 hours before I could see a doctor...XD. How did I start talking about this?

Cookie Dough=awesome, BTW

Wow...I'm realizing that I don't have much of anything remotely intersting to say anymore...but I keep on rambling o_O.

ANYWAY, went to Office Max and bought a pencil sharpener for Mr. Gamel. The one in his classroom is sooo annoying. Then I bought a bunch of Snickers bars because he loves them. It was actually cheaper than me and Nicci has thought, so we atually had enough to pay for everything. I didn't get a card tho...I'm not very good at that...not very sentimental-christmasy. Nicci was supposed to buy one but...

...my life in incredibly boring. I need a job...
Laptop turned stomachtop!   
08:52pm 13/12/2004
mood: pissed off
Yeah. So I'm lying on the floor with my laptop on my stomach singing 'boulevard of broken dreams" as my stupid ass printer (which can only be conneted to my laptop from the floor, thus the lying down) decides to fight with me and not print in black. This project sucks and my grandma keeps calling. It's 9:00, I still have to glue everything together and print pictures. This sucks. It's hard to type like this. I'm going now :-D

Another pointless entry from:

10:02pm 12/12/2004
mood: enthralled
I've got good friends ^_^. Have I ever told ya'll that? When I signed online at 1am last night the first IM's I got were saying happy birthday to me :) and pretty much everyone I've talked to online has said it, like one of the first things they said. Ya'll are awesome peeps. *gives hugs*

well, it's been relatively quiet today. We came home at about 5pm and I've been hanging out ever since. I'm loading up all of "You don't know Jack!" onto the laptop. Maybe I'll bring it to school sometime this week and play it in Drama. We'll have...an hour an a half to do nothing (aka our exam). So who knows. But I was playing it today and it was fun.

Ashley and my cousin Tiffany called. Nifty Nifty. Tiffany and I talked a LOT^_^. It's cool, though, since I haven't talked to her in such a long time. She says she's going to come out and visit, too. I hope she does.

Ashley and I had one of our normal conversations. Apparently, Cory, you are now pregnant :-D. Don't ask how. It's all Tokyo Adventures. At first, it was because a ferret burrowed under your skin an layed it's eggs in you :). Then we decided that you are having Scott's baby by an act of GOD (u know, like Mary), and you are the father of Scrumptious the Persian Kitten. Don't ask how this all came up. I'm really tired and I'm not entirely sure how these things ever come up. Blame ashley, it's all her fault :-D.

...hmmm...for some reason my laptop will NOT load homestarrunner.com...maybe I need to download the flash player...
10:42am 12/12/2004
mood: psyched
OMFG, okay, well, mom and I were aruging last night when she told me she still hadn't gotten anything for me and she was going to go to wal-mart at 2am to get my stuff. Well, I believed her and I was like "I gave you a list 2 months ago!!!! Why haven't u gotten it sooner?! Wal-mart doesn't sell the CD's I want!". It wasn't like i was pissed, more like...slightly miffed 'cause i felt unloved.

WELL, I went to bed at around 11:40 last night, and my parents woke me up at freaking 1am to "open my gifts". I was like...wtf, aren't we going to wait until morning? and they're like...NO. So I went and I had two presents. The first one was a necklace from James Avery with a charm that said "Sweet 16" on it. I got a card that said "Have a happy ass birthday" and it had a smiling donkey on it.

Then...I opened up the big box...and my parents got me a freaking laptop!!!! I was liek...OMFG I GOT A LAPTOP AFTER TWO YEARS OF BEGGING?!! And they're like...Yeah. I was like...OMFG!!!!. My own personal/portable computer. It has wireless internet installed on it, so I can be making dinner AND talking to ppl online!!! I was SUPPOSED to get it for Christmas, but there was something about the warrenty dying before then, so I had to make sure it worked NOW.

*squeals* OMG!!! I'm soo psyched. I IMed my buddies until about 2 am, (1:59 cory's time :) ) and then I tried to fall asleep. I didn't fall asleep until like...3 because I was so psyched. Then I woke up at 10:00 'cause I couldn't sleep anymore.

*does a dance* I am so freaking happyyyyyyyyyy. I got my own personal computer so I don't have to share our aging, old, and for some reason, extremely slow regular computer with my dad.

Okay, I've gotta tell you what stuff it has:

It has a huge hard drive...but after everything is installed and all is said and done, I have 32 GB of hard drive stuff. Which is twice our normal computer (we've had the normal computer since I was in 6th grade, so that's why it's a little outdated).

what else...

okay, 1.3 GHZ processor
15.0" display
40 GB hard drive
256 RAM
64 MB video memory
Wireless LAN something
DVD/CD-RW drive
and...some other stuff I don't understand. It's not that bad, tho, considering it has all the same stuff as our normal home computer. And apparently dad said it can burn CDs. *dances*

I'm so friggen psyched. Now I have to go and get the files from this computer onto my laptop. So Ciao all.
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*falls over dead*   
06:03pm 09/12/2004
mood: sick
Garrrrlgogggggg. Why does life have to suck so bad right now?! My grade...in Algebra...has fallen 7% in 2 days. So now I have a 77% C and I'm all depressed about that...'cause Its starting to look like I'm going to possibly get 2B's, 1 C, and 3 A's on my report card...garrrrllllgoggggg. I was so pissed in Algebra. So I'm not going to my debate club meeting (I'm so going to get kicked off it, I haven't shown up for 2 meetings) to study for a test tomorrow over probability...which I know I will screw up in some fashion.

Too. Much. Freaking. Stress!!! I've gotten about 9 hours sleep in the last two days...

Anyway, on the bright side of things, mom told me that after this weekend, instead of mom driving me to school, I will be driving myself with her in the passenger seat. Scary but uber-nifty. So dad's going to teach me the basics on Sunday and Monday Nicole-ie will most likely be driving herself. Squeeee!

Lemme think...I just slept for 2 hours and now I feel sick as a dog. Pretty much just nerves. And the fact that I always happen to get sick around my birthday. Never fails XD.

Anway, I need to stop bitching/start on my assload of homework, so ja neee!

(P.S. For a project in World History, we have to create a whole new civilization in which the characters from Homestarrunner (Sterrance!!!) are going to be our gods.). Squee Squee.
08:01am 09/12/2004
mood: contemplative
3 Days until my b-day! *dances*

1 year anniversary of my blog today *dances*

I understand the mole now! It only took me until 11pm last night to achieve that!

aandd...Scott was online yesterday and I asked him if he read Tokyo Adventures Birthday Special and he said yeah, and that it lacked substance and it was too short. Kinda...miffed because I hadn't asked him what he thought of it, he just told me. So I guess it sucked really bad...I think Tokyo Adventures is kinda dead now since I just...*shrug*. It WAS for him...so I fail at life ^_^. *sighsigh* At least I tried...

Wish me luck on the obscene amount of homework/projects/and tests being loaded on us right now!!!

hahahaha, I just realized that the song and the mood icon are the exact same as my first entry from a year ago today :-D.
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I have the house to myself!!!   
01:57pm 05/12/2004
mood: happy
And I'm wasting my time by playing video games!!!!!!!!

Good news: I beat Xenosaga *does a big dance* That big robot thing (erde something) saved my life...Albedo couldn't touch me, and I beat the last boss in about 2 minutes. *does more dancing*

But I was very reminded of something from a little show called POWER RANGERS during the robot thing. Then that random lady that pops up duing the squence...yeah...it was kinda like "wtf". And the sequence was so long I could take a shower, do the macarena, and teach my cat to talk in the span of what those sequences took :-D.

The ending song is stuck in my head and I don't even like it.

Soo...now I'm supposed to be cleaning/doing homework due tomorrow. I'm soooooo begging to be taken to the DMV for my permit tomorrow morning. I can work mom into it. Only problem is that my "waiver number" or something that says I passed the roadsigns test isn't working. I keep going to the site but it just says that they don't have it. Mom thinks it's because it's a weekend and the state is closed or something. Who knows. They just better f*cking hurry!!!

Now I'm all hyper and stuffs. Too many spaghetti-os. Someone post before I go insane :-D.


Just gave Max and Baby their bath. XD is all I have to say. They are ying-yang to each other in personality. Max is kinda cool, relaxed, he doesn't put up much of a fight about getting into the water because he trusts me/knows he won't win even if he tries to escape. Baby...on the other hand...is paranoid, skiddish, and should be a quarterback on a football team. DAMN that cat is STRONG! It was supposed to be a bath for them---not for me! I'm sitting there trying to keep him in the tub, get the kitty shampoo, and wash him at the same time while he's fighting me all the way.

Instead of being nice to me and letting me wash him, he gives this low, pathetic meow like I'm trying to kill him or something and he's calling out for help (Baby is a drama queen...king), and then he tries (pretty successfully) to climb out of our tub that's over a foot and a half deep. And in my attempt to stop him, I fell in with him! So I was covered in cat water--which I'm allergic to, by the way--and this cat is trying EVERYTHING he can possibly do to get out of that tub. XD. Now I'm all itchy...but the cats are clean and fresh-smelling :).

***Edit #2***

Parents just got home from Auntie Irene's house. Sam gave us...quite literally...everything. Not only did he give us her clothes, jewelery, and a box of REAL silver silverware (which is going to me when I get married), he also gave us a turkey (dead one, in the freezer), their cleaning supplies from the house (comet, pledge...windex), and their cofeepot...our car (a MINIVAN with only TWO people in it) was filled to the BRIM with stuff. We have no idea what we're going to do with it all...since there's no family out here to GIVE it all to. They're all in Chicago..and only a portrait painted in the 1920's of my great grandmother and her family, and some other stuff is going to my great-grandmother. XD
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Slightly mind-mixed   
12:58pm 04/12/2004
mood: mixed feelings
Mom woke me up at like 9 this morning and told me that my great aunt Irene died last night. Pretty painfully, too. She's been sick for the last 3 years and doctors didn't know what was wrong with her. In a nutshell she was just kinda withering away. She got violently ill sometime yesterday and her husband dind't call 911 because it would cost $400 (they're broke). Well, she ended up getting so sick by the nighttime that he HAD to call 911 and something weird happened with her heart and she died. She was like...73? She's the sister of my great grandmother that called me fat XD.

Anyway, it's really sad. Mom was kinda crying about it. We've been visiting them in Orlando since late December last year. I didn't cry...might seem kinda impolite or something, but I never really do. When my grandpa died I didn't cry...I dunno, it always just seems to me that "they're probably in a better place than here". Of course I'd cry if it was someone really close like a friend or my parents...but otherwise I seem to be a little unemotional with these things. I still feel bad, I just don't cry or anything...

But for some reason I'm still kinda in a "I want to have fun! Everyone cheer up" mood. Wich probably seems even more disrespectful...I'm just not very good with these things.

Oh, btw, I finished the 4 hour test online last night for my drivers permit. now all I have to do is take the roadsigns test. Hopefully I'll pass and be able to apply for my permit by monday. Now all I have to do is BEG mom to take me to the DMV and let me miss some school. I want my permit before i turn 16, damnit!!


Other than that, I get to clean the house today. And I really really like "Extraordinary Girl" by Green day. He sounds cool when he says "she's all alone again, wiping the tears from her eyes". I don't know how to decribe it, it's just NIFTY.

Like I said, Billie Joe can have my babies :-D. I actually told Beth and Mike that at school yesterday and they looked at me really funny and informed me that men can't have babies because they are not seahorses. But I do not care :-p.

Anyway, ciao, all.
o_O Perv by nature...   
07:51pm 23/11/2004
mood: bouncy
For some odd reason, when I went to go get a mocha from Starbucks in Target, the guy behind the counter...kept...freaking...hitting on me! In front of my MOTHER. I seriously don't get it. He looked like Mike. And my hair looked like Albert Einstein on a bad hair day and he was still hitting on me o_O. Flattering but extremely odd. And now he knows my name because they ask you for it so they can write it on the cup. And when I walked away he's like "Happy thanksgiving Nicole!!". He had to be like...18, too.

^_^' I seem to be a magenet for mike-lookalikes/ other odd people!!

It's 'cause I'm so sexyyyyyy :-p I know ya'll secretly think it.

Haha, well, I bought a present for my cousin. At target they have these little things of chocolate covered hazelnuts, peanuts, whatever, and the brand name is "I want nuts". I find it hiliarious so I bought some for my cousin and see if she notices the inuendo :-p.

I also saw this awesome T-shirt at target (for guys) that said "Protect your nuts" and it had a squirrel with a stick protecting a stack of peanuts.

Then at J.C. Penny I saw a T-shirt that said "It's all fun and games until someone loses their chestnuts" and it has two stickmen sitting by a fire and the guy has a stick over a fire with chestnuts on them and they're on fire...

yeah, I think it's kind of weird I keep seeing all of this. Perv by nature, what can I say? :-p. Although I think all of them except for the hazelnuts are supposed to be pervy...

...and now that I think about it, I HOPE my cousin takes down this magnet on their fridge that's...inappropriate as well :-p. 'cause I KNOW my parents are going to come in and see it and that's...scary...Funny magnet tho...

And I said I wouldn't update any more today XD.

BTW, is Maple Story refusing to work for anyone else???
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03:27pm 22/11/2004
mood: dirty
An E-mail from my cousin:

hey mama ?????? Can't wait.............. it's almost the day........... I hope it doesn't go by to fast or i'm going to be sad.......... pack light... ya never know ..... have alot of good ideas for us to do when we hang w/out the boys........... love you and don't bring no books there's going to be no time for that .......... write back if ya have any questions and yes it might cold next week...so bring a sweater or warm clothes ..... can't wait for those pizzas... love you ,,,,cus alicia

XD she knows me too well. When I travel I have to bring at least two book with me. I have no idea why since I never read them. I'm just kinda OCD that way. I got yelled at when I showed up to her house last summer with the unabridged version of the Count of Monte Cristo....

And...I have no idea why she's talking about pizza...unless she's talking about Nicole's Uber-Fab tortilla pizzas. Which I make. I have my own secret sauce and stuff for it. And they are AWESOME. And she's the only one who has the instructions to make it. But I haven't discussed my uber-fab tortilla pizzas so...who knows XD.

*Is Chipper* we're leaving on Wednesday and are not coming back until monday. I might be without internet access. And I WILL be without Maple Story...so don't level up while I'm gone or I'll be sad :'(. I commands thee!

I can't wait until I get to.ride.on.a.HARLEY!!! (motorcycle) My cousin bought it for her husband so it's all like..w00t, I'm going to ride on it. When I was there during the summer her husband took me on a ride on a different motorcycle all the way to Kemah--which is 45 minutes away. It was sooooo nifty.

I'm starting to wonder if I'm kinda tomboy-ish with that stuff...*ponders*

anyway, school was boring. Didn't do much of anything. In French I won an award for the most informative poster. It was probably because it was the biggest poster in the class. But as they say, bigger is better :-p. Hahaha, I just thought I'd leave ya'll with a perverted joke. Byebye ^_^
Enough Ranting...   
04:04pm 21/11/2004
mood: bouncy
I got sick of homework and went to play Maple Story. I did the side quest where u have to get 50 firewoods and 30 sticks and I got a steel shield out of it :-D. Took me about an hour to do. BTW, tanuki, it's only for warriors (I dunno if you've finished it yet). But I bet if u sold it u could get a bunch for it. Or sell it to Warrn or something ^_^

Me? I can't even use my shield. I'm not a high enough level ^_^.

BTW, my over-achievers: Where u fight the stumps with the axes in Perion (the first field from the city, where Tanu helped me level up) at the veeery bottom there's a door in the side of a rock. If u go into there, it's like the slime tree, 'cept with boars. LOTs of boars. So...well, I dunno if Warrn or weathermatt know about it, so...well, if they read this they'll know :-D. Or Tanuki can just tellll them.

Anyway, boars are too strong for me right now so bleh.

But I'm level 13 and 40% to 14. I'm going to try and find the slime tree again...I just don't remember where it is exactly. Anyone got directions?
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05:44pm 19/11/2004
mood: Nifty
My hair looks nifty now! :-D. I got streaks lows and highs. I have red in my hair, and then some of it is demi-bleached blonde. It looks really neat. And guess what?



anyway, it was all nifty and stuffs, but she but too much volumizer in my hair so it looked greasy. But I fixed it all :-D. She's just not used to my hair of DOOM.

It's odd how you can talk to complete strangers gossip and stuff when they're doing your hair. Normally I'm quiet but today I told her about Mike (she asked why I didn't go to Homecoming) and my obsession with Johnny Depp ^_^. Then she told me about her obsession with justin Timberlake. She's only 22 years old and her hair is black and pink and REALLY nifty.

But she's leaving the J.C. Penny salon and going somehwere else in Tampa. But we gave her our number so she can keep doing our hair at this new place. We've been using her for...about a year now. She's really good.

After that we walked around the mall some, and this crazy guy came up to us and said "I have to change my relegion because I'm Jewish" over and over agian. Mom used to work on a psych ward at the VA, so she knows how to handle that stuff. U just nodd your head, act like you agree with them, then get the hell away from them in case they are the violent crazy ppl.

all of the medical things I learn from my nurse mommy :-D.
Maple Story Addicted :-D   
09:54am 19/11/2004
mood: awake
I'm halfway to lev. 10 now. w00t. Thanks to the peeps who let me mooch EXP off them last night ^_^. And putting up with my dying-ness. Even when they specifically tell me to stay ON the rope and DON'T leave it and I would and I'd die from evil stumps with eyes...:-D. I'm a noob who can't follow directions. ^_-

So...I'm not at school today and it's kinda boring since no one's online or anything. I'm getting my hairs re-highlighted and suchs. I think I'm going to ditch chunk highlighting and get low and highs in streaks. We'll see, my hair lady is really cool and gives me ideas (her name is Jewels and she's like...24 and really hyper).

Gahh...my crazy neighbors (who's house has been on the market since MARCH) had a contract pending on their house, then it either: fell though/the family who was going to buy it realized that the house is not WORTH 400,000/the appraisers told them the house was overpriced and the contract immediately fell through. This family is literally crazy. And they keep coming back down from TN and coming to OUR house to bug dad about something. Dad helped them move their entire house and they didn't pay him/really thank him at all/insulted him when he didn't help them move the excess stuff out a few weeks later (they told him he "whimped" out on them).

Gah, I just want them to MOVE!

Hahaha, watch this house have the same demise the house on our old block in Chicago (which I seriously thought to be haunted until the age of 8). They'll tear it down and turn it into a vollyball court because it won't sell. Honestly, on our old block on Knox there is a vollyball court where that house used to be. And the ppl who bought OUR old house have christmas decorations in the front yard year-round. Soooo tacky.

BTW, I don't think anyone wants to be buying houses in Chicago anymore. 7 years ago, we sold our 800-something square foot house in the suburbs for roughly 70k. NOW, the property there is going for 160k. And it's turning into a bad neighborhood! Isn't that INSANE? 160k for an 800 square foot house?? And the house is over 35 years old! But the house in Chicago did have a great back yard, which Florida houses seem to lack...

Anyway, enough ranting. I'm off to go and try and earn some more EXP :-D. Ciao.


Yayyy! I got the last 50% all by myself (died a few times) and now I'm a warrior with 450 some odd HP *dances*.
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03:22pm 18/11/2004
mood: complacent
^ Not really, but OMFG, so funny last night on Maple Story. I'd write about it...but it's too long ^_^. I'll let Cory write about it if he feels up to it ^_^.

I have a new dance called: Ivana DoDachacha. It's all the craze in Maple Town :-D.

Anyway. Yeah. Today was...funny-ish. I missed half of lunch because I had to make up a quiz in chem. Mr. Braddy actually knew my name o_O. Scary! I didn't think he knew who I was. Anyway, when I got to lunch I just ate food and stuff...but this is what pisses me off:

Normally we go to my old English Teacher's classroom during lunch because it's air conditioned, fun, and she lets us listen to Nirvana and Green Day on her CD player. We used to go there every day (we're not really allowed in the building, but we always just told the ppl up front that she's expecting us). And if they refused, we'd just go in the class through the emergency window.

ANYWAY, they have this stupid thing at school now where they have a line. you can't cross the line during lunch or you get a referral. And now there's teachers patroling it. So I can't walk to the drama room OR to my english teacher's window. So we tried to get in through the front of the building and they demanded that we had a lunch pass. This is the first time they've ever like...enforced the line rule. Technically it's been there since freshman year, but no one ever paid ATTENTION to it. Now lunch is all full of suck. Bah.

But I bet in two weeks it'll be gone. Mike's bro told me that as a prank they should draw the mexican flag on one side of the line and the american flag on the other with spraypaint. Funneh. Just...kinda considered vandalism. Of course, they wouldn't ever do it.

This is hilarious. During french some girl looked out the window and said there was this kid skipping class--and was hiding under a portable classroom!! We all looked out and there was this kid hiding under the spanish class's portable classroom. Now that's sad. Why would u want to sit under one of those things?! So...Mme Andrews goes "GO AND STARE AT HIM!!" so the entire class ran out to go stare at him, but he ran away.

Honestly, hiding under a portable classroom is just...disgusting. There's a whole lotta shit living under our portables. And the grass is watered by reuse water. U don't even want to touch the grass at our school, let alone sit on it...

Random Poll: Do you think I should quit drama and french next year and instead double-up on Math (College Algebra and Pre-Calc) and take weightlifting and Home Ec? I might be difficult, but that'll make senior year mucho easier/lazy. I'm thinking I'm going to do that...and instead of French in College, take Japanese. I want to learn the language, travel to Japan, and in the computer industry it's more pratical to know Japanese...which is where I'm thinking want to end up eventually.

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